"The Longest Paddock". In times of drought sheep are driven onto the verges of the road to eat the remaining grass.
"Drought". Outback NSW, Australia.
"Lady" bounds over the fence enroute to the shearing sheds. Outback NSW, Australia.
"On a sheeps back". Outback NSW, Australia.
 The sheep dog. Outback NSW, Australia.
A shearer relieves a sheep of it's wool. Outback Queensland Australia.
"The Floor", Outback NSW, Australia.
Shearing in full flight. Outback Queensland, Australia.
"Smoko". Outback Queensland, Australia.
"Knocking off time", Outback Queensland, Australia.
"Flecks of Fleece". Outback, Queensland Australia.
Bales being loaded on semi-trailers for storage. Outback, NSW.
"Washing Up For Morning Tea". Outback NSW Australia.
Shearers have breakfast before a day of back breaking work. Outback Australia.
"The Morning After". Outback, NSW Australia.
"Radio Waves". Outback, NSW Australia.
"On The Road Again". Outback, NSW Australia.
"The Shearer's Cook". Outback, NSW Australia.
"A Woman's Work".Packing the ute, Outback, NSW Australia.
"Road Break". Outback, Queensland Australia.
"Flat Tire". Outback, Queensland Australia.
"The Sheds". Outback, NSW Australia.